• If you are a collector or just an accidental owner of Othello books or magazines in any language, and you are either interested to purchase more or to share with others, please, contact Mirek Voracek.

Here you can find recommendations for your stay in Prague

  • The annual Signal Light Festival takes place during the WOC and Open WOC.
    • Tease yourselves by last year 2017 videomapping projections on the Open WOC location Tyršův Dům.
  • We recommend the Honest Guide Prague youtube channel to watch before arrival.
    • In the series, you can find very important information on tourist traps, shopping, money exchange, parking, unusual sights, etc.
  • We are now supported by a friendly Escape Room Watch their intro video and come to the WOC Welcome reception soon enough to get a spot we have pre-booked for you.
  • Have a look at the Useful mobile apps sheet before you receive it during WOC. Download in advance and be prepared.
WOC 2018: 25 national teams. 86 players. Youth WOC 2018: 18 players!