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WOC registrations

For questions about W.O.C. 2018, contact us by woc2018@worldothello.org.
1. The W.O.F. W.O.C.-rules:
From the W.O.F. statutues:
//2.1 Nations 
Unless ruled otherwise by the WOF, only WOF-member nations can send contestants to the WOC. The possibility for a non-member nation to send contestants shall be decided by the WOF head council prior to the tournament. Applications must be received by the WOF at least one month before the WOC. The WOF recognises two types of member nations: National Federations and Nations with Contact Person. Federations are allowed to send a full team (up to four players, no more than three being of the same gender). Nations with Contact Person can send one player to the WOC. In case of an odd number of participants, the host country may enter an additional player (see II.2). 
//2.2 Players 
All Federations have to register their national team latest 31st July, 2018. Each team can be composed of one to four players. No more than three players on a team may be of the same gender. 
All Nations with Contact Person have to register their player latest 31st July, 2018.

Changes of players.
Any changes made after 31st July require the express permission of the head tournament director. 
In any event, all changes of players must be made before the start of the first round. No changes are allowed after play has begun. 
The team championship will be decided based on the best three results from the team. All players are eligible to win the WOC. All women are eligible to compete for the WWOC title. 
//2.3 WOF minimum requirements 
In order to retain Federation status, Federations must send the results of their tournaments to the WOF Rating list. They must be sent by the deadline for WOC registration. (Preferably the results of all tournaments, but at the very least the WOC qualification tournaments.) To be able to represent a country at the WOC, a player must: a) be citizen of the country OR b) be resident in the country for 6 months within the 12 months ending on the date of the WOC. National Federations may impose more strict rules if they wish. 
2. Associations
For the 2018 W.O.C., all National Federations who fullfill the requirement, can send 4 players.
Federations are allowed to send a full team (up to four players, no more than three being of the same gender).
The requirement 2018:
* Federations must announce their representatives to the WOC before the WOC deadline.
* Federations must have a WOC qualification process for its team that involves at least 1 tournament.
* Federations must send the results of all tournaments involved in the WOC qualification process and the National championship to the WOF Ratings Committee. Federations are encouraged to send all their results to the WOF Ratings committee.
* Federations must arrange National championship
* Federations must send a yearly annual meeting protocol in English
* Link and logo to worldothello.org and woc2018.worldothello.org. at federation homepage.
* Federations must comply with rules established by WOF 
If you're interested in participating in the 2018 W.O.C., and you live in one of the named associationes below, please contact your local federation for information on how to qualify. (You can find how to contact your federation at the World Othello Federation homepage, www.worldothello.org).
In order for any player to be properly registered to participate at the 2018 W.O.C., the respective National Federation Chairman must send the 2018 W.O.C. T.D. an email with the required information. Before July 31st the chairman must send in the number of expected participants and the names of the entire team.
3. Countries with contact person-membership
A nation that  are "Countries with contact person"-member, can ask W.O.C. TD-group to send 1 player.
The requirment:
* Organize an National Champions and/or and W.O.C. qualification.
If you are interested in participating in the 2018 W.O.C., and you live in one of the countries who have "Countries with contact person"-membership, please contact the tournament director and we can help you contact the appropriate person. This also must be done before July 31st.
4. Non members and Friendly membership.
If you are interested in participating in the 2018 W.O.C. and live in a country which does not have W.O.C. qualifications or a federation, please contact the tournament director before July 31st..
5. Important:
A player is not registered for the W.O.C. 2018 until they're listed on the W.O.C. 2018 player list at the W.O.C. 2018 homepage. Any player not on the list is not qualified for the W.O.C.. It's important that the National Federation's chairman or contact person responsible quickly contacts the tournament director after the national qualifications are done!
6. National Othello Federations
which are qualified to send 3+1 player:
Africa Confederation:

Asia Confederation:
Hong Kong

Europa Confederation:
Czech Republic

Pan-America Confederation:
United States of America
7. WOF -membership.
Nations who are members in WOF, not have an National Federation, but want to have the possibility to send 1 player. Please contact the tournament director for more information.
This must be done before July 31st! Earlier is better!

8. Extra youth player:
Each W.O.F. member can allow one youth player to attend to the W.O.C.s 2016-2018
Each member nation is allowed to send one additional young player in addition to its regular team. 
A player qualifies as “young” if he/she is aged 14 or less on the 31st of December 2018 (i.e. : he/she must be born later than the 31st of December 2003).

The youth player is not included in the 3+1 national team!

The extra Youth player should also be registered latest July 31st, 2018, for the W.O.C. 2018, Prague, Czech Republic. IF needed the name of the youth player can be registered latest 10th September. If this is needed, because of school championship or other youth tourneys, contact the woc2018@worldothello.org before 31/7. 

WOC 2018: 25 national teams. 86 players. Youth WOC 2018: 18 players!